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Resilient’s Incident Response Platform (IRP) empowers cyber security teams to transform their security posture.

Deployed in more than 100 Fortune 500 and mid-sized enterprises across three continents, Resilient is the industry standard in IR software.



Incident Response Platform

For decades, the security industry focused on prevention and detection solutions. Incident response (IR) was not a priority – leaving security teams using manual tools, like email or spreadsheets, and inefficient, inconsistent processes to contend with cyber incidents.

Today, there’s a better way to manage incident response.

The Resilient Incident Response Platform (IRP) enables faster and more effective response through the orchestration and automation of IR processes. It works seamlessly with the prevention and detection systems you use today to create a central hub for IR management.

With Resilient, your team is proactive, coordinated, and intelligent. Whether you’re in a complex Security Operations Center or small-to-midsized team, you’re well-prepared to manage and resolve security incidents and business crises every day.

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This is the decade of response… sophisticated, robust, and resilient.

– Bruce Schneier, security expert, New York Times best-selling author, and Resilient Systems CTO

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How can Resilient help your organization?

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  • I manage incident response today manually – using email, spreadsheets, GRC, or ticketing systems.
  • We have a small IR function with few/no formalized response plans.
  • We have an extensive security organization (SOC or fusion center) using many disparate tools and solutions.

Manual tools might be a good interim solution for you, but it won’t scale to fit the growing complexity of IR. You need a solution that manages both day-to-day events, and helps you prepare for, resolve, and mitigate incidents before they become crises.

Resilient Systems’ Incident Response Platform is purpose-built for incident response. It empowers your IR team to be faster, smarter, and more effective responders by generating instant information security incident response plans that guide response processes and provides intelligence and context to inform a decisive response. An IRP also enlists your other security solutions for IR, leveraging them to quickly and effectively resolve cyber threats
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Resilient Systems’ Incident Response Platform immediately transforms your security posture by providing best practices and action plans for nearly every incident type.

Our IRP comes with more than a dozen built-in IR runbooks – giving your business instant expertise, and ensuring your IR processes are consistent, repeatable, and scalable. These runbooks are based on NIST standards, and have been proven in more than 100 global organizations.
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Resilient turns your complex cyber security systems into a centralized hub for managing and resolving security incidents.

Resilient’s Incident Response Platform integrates with your existing cyber security investments, and enlists them in response. By enabling incident response automation and orchestration, your team can streamline its processes and workflows – making your employees faster, smarter, and more effective responders.
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