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Submitted by John Bruce July 23, 2015

Manual, ad hoc response management processes create unnecessary challenges and risks. Effective IR starts before the breach – and the earlier the better.

Submitted by John Bruce July 21, 2015

Our new Customer Success Hub gives you a better way to learn more about us – and provides a range of materials (videos, whitepapers, FAQs) to help you use the platform to its fullest.

Submitted by John Bruce July 15, 2015

Business and IT leaders have a cybersecurity preparedness problem – and to get out in front this challenge, they need to focus on responding to an attack

Submitted by John Bruce June 30, 2015

It was one breach after another throughout the month of June. Here are our thoughts on the key takeaways for security pros.

Submitted by Marie Simonelli June 26, 2015

The Canadian Parliament made some tremendous progress relative to data protection – recently enacting the Digital Privacy Act. The mandatory breach notification portion doesn’t go into effect right away – but here's what you need to know for now.

Submitted by Marie Simonelli June 24, 2015

Perfect security doesn't exist. But as the latest Online Trust Audit & Honor Roll shows – suffering a data breach doesn't have to be the end of the world for businesses.

Submitted by Ted Julian June 18, 2015

A popular feature request from the Resilient customer base has been support for two-factor authentication (2FA) – and now we’ve delivered our first 2FA option with the latest Resilient platform release via integration with Duo Security.

Submitted by Paul Ayers June 12, 2015

At one of the biggest and most influential cybersecurity events in the world – threat intelligence, the cyber threat landscape, and breach preparation stole the show.

Submitted by John Bruce June 11, 2015

No matter where we are, we hear the same thing: cyber resilience is today’s most critical challenge for organizations.

Submitted by Marie Simonelli June 10, 2015

Wyoming will dramatically expand their definition of Personally Identifiable Information, and the required content for customer notification.