Bruce Schneier, Chief Technology Officer

There are pivotal moments in the start of a new industry and I think that today we’re experiencing one. Bruce Schneier is now the CTO of Co3.

To most of you he’ll need no introduction; his blogs, books, articles and interviews have hundreds of thousands of avid consumers and I’m pleased to say I’ve been one for many years. A real visionary, but much more than that, he’s always insightful, candid and not short of courage in expressing in his views. He and I worked together over a decade ago at Counterpane and we’ve been completely aligned in our views ever since. Back then, there was already plenty of prevention technology available, so Counterpane built an innovative way for the detection of attacks that helped to redefine an industry.

With a plethora of technologies available for prevention and detection, the time has now come for innovation focused on response.

We’re pioneering a new way of managing security and privacy incidents, seeing some incredible results with customers who are using the system. We’re a leading part of significant change in how incidents are managed and I’m excited that, given all the things that he could choose to do, Bruce believes in Co3.


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