Security Legend Bruce Schneier Joins Co3

Today we are thrilled to announce a game-changing addition to our leadership team: Bruce Schneier is joining as our CTO. Like anyone that’s been in the security industry for a while, I’ve known and respected Bruce for ages. And it’s been great to finally work with him over the last year as a member of our esteemed Advisory Board. But today we take things to the next level as Bruce formally joins the team. 

Having Bruce on board enables us to do things with exciting implications for Co3 customers and the industry as a whole. This includes: 

  • Steering the next wave in security – incident response
  • Ensuring the integrity of the Co3 app
  • Curating the next-generation of industry breach data

For decades, Bruce has been the go-to guy on the future of security. And for quite some time, he’s been advocating the importance of incident response: the short leg on the prevention, detection, and response stool. As part of the Co3 team, Bruce will be pivotal in this next wave of security, helping the industry to navigate there, and ensuring that Co3 accelerates the journey for customers. 

Bruce is arguably the most respected – and feared – critic of system security. Whether it’s a new crypto algorithm or an electronic voting system, a security review by Bruce is a rite of passage. Having him with us is a huge vote of confidence in what we’re building. 

One of the most exciting things on the Co3 roadmap is leveraging the breach data in our system for the benefit of our customers and the broader security industry. Bruce will help us assure that this data is both highly secure and thoroughly anonymized. He’ll also be its chief curator, mining Co3’s big data for insight and understanding that benefits Co3 customers and the industry as a whole.  

We’ve reached a point where it’s abundantly clear that incident response is the next critical security discipline. Having Bruce here at Co3 will help us all get there faster. 


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