Achieve Faster Response and Greater Visibility with IR Orchestration

by Ted Julian

September 19, 2017

The cyber security skills gap is an organization-wide challenge that extends up and down the security team.

Overworked analysts struggle to keep up with the thousands of events they get daily. Security managers have trouble measuring and improving their team’s effectiveness. CISOs lack the insight and analytics needed to fully understand their organization’s security posture and the ROI of their investments.

Incident response orchestration is an effective strategy for addressing these challenges. As many customers have shared with us, they benefit from the ability to automate repetitive tasks, align processes and technologies, and integrate data from different security systems. It provides the efficiencies and visibility needed to allow security teams to respond faster and be successful in the face of the skills shortage.

You can hear these customer success stories and learn actionable takeaways to make your IR team faster and more intelligent in our recent webinar, “How to Alleviate the Security Skills Gaps through IR Orchestration,” including guest speaker Joseph Blankenship, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research.

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