Cyber Resilience in the Modern SOC: New Report with Gartner

by Maria Battaglia

August 31, 2017

Since our start, IBM Resilient’s mission has been to help our customers achieve cyber resilience – the ability of an organization to maintain its core purpose and integrity in the face of cyberattacks. In this spirit, we partnered with Gartner for our latest newsletter, “The Modern SOC: Why Detection and Prevention is Not Enough.”

Cyber resilience is a persistent and complex challenge for security professionals. In our experience, to achieve this, customers frequently face one common barrier: insufficient incident response (IR) planning and preparedness.

In this report, Gartner provides new research that clearly shows that organizations are unable to prevent and detect every cyberattack in today’s environment – which means having a plan for responding to and mitigating attacks is more critical than ever.

You will learn about the tools and processes needed to achieve effective incident response. It will also walk you through how to develop consistent and repeatable IR plans via workshops. Building an effective incident response strategy is foundational to true incident response orchestration – the alignment of people, processes, and technologies for faster and more intelligent response.

To help illustrate the merits of this approach, we’ve also provided a real-world use case from one of our customers. Their security team leveraged the power of incident response orchestration to improve their overall cyber resilience – significantly cutting down completion times for key processes, including one that went from 84 minutes to complete to just two minutes total.

To learn more about the value of proper IR planning and preparedness, download the newsletter today. If you would like to learn more about how incident response can enhance your security, we are always happy to connect.

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