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Oct. 7, 2015

"Organizations today are looking to achieve cyber resilience – and incident response is a clear and growing requirement."

Oct. 7, 2015
Channel Pro

Data breaches are becoming the new normal, and people at every level of an organisation – from the boardroom to the CISO – now realise they need processes and technology in place that will enable them to thrive in the face of cyberattacks.”

Oct. 5, 2015

"Demand for our Incident Response Platform continues to grow, and a strong channel programme is vital to reaching organisations worldwide. It also creates new opportunities for resellers and VARs to deliver capabilities their clients are asking for.”

Sep. 30, 2015
GovCon Executive

“Bill is a highly accomplished business leader, whose perspective will be invaluable as we reach the next stage of our unprecedented growth” 

Sep. 28, 2015

“'You have to assess what your company tries to protect and put in the right safeguards, but companies also have to learn how to respond,' Swanson said. The goal is to have an automated plan in place about what to do from an information technology point of view, of course, but also how different groups react, collaborate, and communicate at all levels."

Sep. 23, 2015
CSO Online

"Resilient Systems’ Incident Response Platform gives organizations one central hub for managing response – providing instant action plans and best practices that map to specific incidents and organizations unique needs and policies, deep-data analytics and reporting to assess and improve response performance, streamlined task assignment and management, and threat intelligence to provide context about specific attacks."

Sep. 22, 2015
SC Magazine

“'We're at the next turning point now where businesses realize they can manage and minimize the damage and disruption they cause if they respond correctly. Get that in balance with prevention and detection and you'll dramatically improve your cyber resilience.'"

Sep. 18, 2015

"Two-thirds of respondents rated their organization’s ability to prevent a cyberattack as not high. And an ever greater share—68%—graded their ability to recover from cyberattacks the same."

Sep. 9, 2015

"Rebalancing security and privacy after technology changes capabilities can be very difficult, and take years."

Sep. 8, 2015
The Atlantic

"The doxing of Ashley Madison reveals an uncomfortable truth: In the age of cloud computing, everyone is vulnerable."