Outsmart, Outpace, and Outmaneuver cyberattacks
with the Resilient Incident Response Platform.

The Resilient Incident Response Platform (IRP) with Intelligent Orchestration seamlessly combines case management, orchestration, automation, and intelligence into a single platform – enabling security teams can deliver a fast, agile, and laser-focused response to complex cyberattacks.

The Only Incident Response Platform with Intelligent Orchestration

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Outsmart Cyber Threats

Intelligent Orchestration

Accelerates and sharpens response

  • Human intelligence and tribal knowledge unlocked and captured in expert IR playbooks
  • Automated enrichment that delivers critical incident insight to analysts instantly

Case management and reporting

Enables complete SOC and c-level visibility across your tools and continual IR improvement

  • Real-time incident dashboards and metrics that help security managers assess, measure, and improve IR capabilities
  • Robust executive-level reporting that makes it easy to communicate with the c-suite and boardroom

Outpace Cyber Threats


Eliminates routine tasks and enables analysts to focus on more strategic priorities

  • Feature-rich functional components that make automated actions reusable with minimal coding
  • Fast time to value through drag-and-drop visual workflow editor that helps team quickly build complex IR workflows

Partner Ecosystem and Developer Community

Makes building and deploying integrations faster and easier than ever

  • Enterprise-grade integrations with key integration partners provides fast time-to-value of security investments
  • Developer tools and documentation allows teams to quickly and easily build and deploy custom integrations

Outmanuever Cyber Threats

Dynamic Playbooks

Provides agile response that align to real-time incident data

  • Adaptive IR workflows that automatically adjust as an incident unfolds
  • Visual playbook editor that combines people, processes, and integrations

Guided Response

Ensures the right person has the right information at the right time

  • Best practices-based incident response playbooks that guide analysts through an expert-level response
  • Automated enrichment that provides critical incident data that enables faster and more accurate decision making.

Resilient IRP now with Intelligent Orchestration

Incident response flow
Resilient's IRP was the only choice that was capable and customizable enough to help me build a modern incident response practice. Our mean time to discovery, recovery, and closure dramatically improved using the Resilient IRP.

– Head of Cyber Security Incident Response

With Resilient, our time to respond to an emerging threat went from 84 minutes to under two minutes.

– Director of Cyber Security

What makes Resilient's platform unique is how well it can be customized to work with varying complexities and operating models within the incident space. It's really limitless once it understands how an organization works and their methodologies.

– Director of Incident Response

Resilient's integration into Splunk has afforded the Penn State Health Cyber Security Operations and Executive Leadership teams the ability to view its incident detection and response performance in real-time. This new visibility has enabled us to identify and fix process gaps, reducing response effort times from a matter of days to less than several hours on average.

– Incident Response Manager

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