Action Module

Your Hub for Incident Response Integration, Automation, and Orchestration

The Resilient Action Module empowers security teams to automate incident response plans and orchestrate IR processes and workflows. By streamlining or eliminating menial and time-consuming steps, the Action Module allows users to focus on more strategic tasks and resolve incidents faster and more effectively.

The Action Module drives a rapid and efficient response effort by automating enrichment and remediation actions. Users can build their own custom integrations with Resilient’s open API framework or leverage IBM Resilient’s existing, proven deployments with more than a dozen security and IT vendors.

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Resilient’s integration into Splunk has afforded the Penn State Health Cyber Security Operations and Executive Leadership teams the ability to view its incident detection and response performance in real-time. This new visibility has enabled us to identify and fix process gaps, reducing response effort times from a matter of days to less than several hours on average.

– Incident Response Manager, Penn State Health & College of Medicine

Unlock the Value of Your Existing Systems

The Resilient Action Module provides an automatic, fast, and flexible way for organizations to act on incidents by:

  • Orchestrating response processes by making alerts actionable, streamlining remediation tasks, and adapting in real time as the incident evolves.
  • Automating the tasks associated with triage and enrichment, enabling analysts to focus energy on investigation and response instead of pivoting between tools.
  • Synthesizing data from existing security and IT systems (including endpoint security tools, SIEMs, and ticketing systems) to provide critical, real-time information.
  • Automating a wide range of menial tasks, such as user identification via LDAP, asset enrichment or discovery via CMDB integration, cyber threat intelligence lookup, and much more.
  • Empowering security teams to automate and fine-tune response processes and workflows – without custom development or specialized programming skills.

Interested in learning more about the value of incident response orchestration and automation? Read our blog post, “What is Incident Response Orchestration?” and watch our IRP automation webinar on-demand.

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