Privacy Module

An Instant, Configurable Platform for Data Breach Preparation, Assessment, and Management

Global, national, and local privacy breach requirements are more complex than ever before – and continually evolving. Privacy and legal teams can spend days working to meet regulatory obligations after an incident and still not be 100 percent confident they’ve fulfilled their requirements.

Privacy breach response today is lengthy, tedious, and expensive. The Resilient Privacy Module transforms the process into one that is fast, efficient, and compliant.

The Resilient Privacy Module is built on the world’s largest knowledge base of global regulatory requirements and is continually updated in real time by IBM Resilient’s team of privacy professionals.

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It's interesting to see how IBM Resilient could add the GDPR layer on top of existing regulations. I suspect that will set the bar high for other vendors trying to tackle the GDPR regulation over the next year.

– David Monahan, Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates

Efficient, Compliant, and Always Up to Date.

The Resilient Privacy Module streamlines incident response and privacy response management, providing:

  • An industry-leading knowledgebase of global regulations, which is tracked, updated, and interpreted in real-time by an internal team of certified privacy professionals.
  • Data breach response plans that instantly map to the latest regulations. These plans take the complexity out of tracking privacy breach legislation, industry regulations, company-specific obligations, third-party requirements, and industry best practices.
  • Curated regulatory information from external privacy professionals and the community of Resilient users.
  • Automated notification of new regulations, providing context and assurance of your organization’s ongoing regulatory status.
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