Professional Services

Deployment. Configuration. Integrations. Success.

As a member of the IBM Resilient family, your success is our top priority. With your investment in the Resilient IRP, our Professional Services team jump-starts your IR deployment, ensuring your IR team is up and running quickly, easily, and successfully.

Our Professional Services team is available to help ensure your IRP is integrated with your existing cyber security tools and configured to meet your exact requirements. We provide workflow deployments, function and technical support, and ongoing IR education and expert guidance.

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Incident Response Innovation in Action

With IBM Resilient’s Incident Response Design Sessions and Simulations Services, you can ensure your IR processes are mapped out, documented, and built into the platform. This ensures that your team is well trained and primed for fast and effective response.

IBM Resilient can help you launch, assess, and improve your IR capabilities. Reach out below to learn how.

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