Security Module Overview

Resilient’s Security Module empowers organizations to thrive in the face of cyberattacks and business crises.


By arming incident response teams with workflows, intelligence, and deep-data analytics, Resilient’s Security Module helps organizations react faster, coordinate better, and respond smarter to security incidents.

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React Faster

Users can quickly and easily create and track incidents in the system – by using built-in incident types, creating their own, or elevating events from existing systems like SIEMs, ticketing systems, or email.

Resilient then instantly formulates comprehensive, consistent, and dynamic incident response action plans that are based on industry standards and best practices – and are easily customized.


Coordinate Better

Resilient’s dynamic IR plans enable organizations to choose the best response for every scenario – and makes it easier to prioritize, assign, and focus on the events teams experience every day.

Resilient’s IR plans include tasks across various categories – including security items as well as data breach response requirements. Tasks within the IR plan can easily be assigned to different members of the team who can receive e-mail or custom notifications when there is new activity.

Plans are intuitive enough that team members in IT, legal, marketing, HR, and the executive team can be effective responders without requiring extensive training.


Respond Smarter

Resilient’s comprehensive reporting and analysis functions turn incident data into actionable insight that drives IR improvement – including real-time intelligence feeds that give IR teams valuable context to inform a decisive response.

For example, the timeline feature provides a sophisticated and flexible view of pending and completed tasks. Milestones can be easily added and annotated, and the timeline can be quickly adjusted to display the desire time frame – providing valuable data and driving accountability.

Resilient’s custom dashboard widgets provide a graphical way to access and visualize the information most valuable to you, when you need it.

The analytics dashboard displays incident metrics across the organization. This includes incident levels by category and severity, as well as charts showing incident duration. The dashboard can be customized with a series of movable widgets that contain specific information for each user.

With these reporting and analytics capabilities, everyone from the board, to the CSO, to IR team members can get the information they need when they need it, and in a form they can understand and use.


Empower Your Organization

Resilient’s Security Module offers a powerful IR platform that can easily be fine-tuned to your organization’s specific requirements. The platform is agile enough for teams to both modify their response to suit organizational needs, as well as adapt in real time as incidents evolve.

The Resilient platform also enables organizations to simulate incidents to test their response process. Post-simulation reporting helps organizations identify gaps, learn from mistakes, and otherwise hone all facets of their incident response capability.

The Resilient platform scales with your organization – supporting single-member and 1,000-member IR teams alike – and is available via SaaS or onsite, depending on your organization's preferences.

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